By Matt Cohn Spring break is a great time for college visits, and you might be planning some with your family already. Just note that many colleges have their spring breaks at the same time — and on top of that, most UC’s and several top private schools have final
The interesting thing about college admissions podcasts are that they are so boring. Here we have a topic in which millions of Americans have a personal stake, a matter that involves one of life’s most memorable experiences and one of society’s most important opportunities. And yet most of the podcasts
“Easy to visualize but challenging to solve: that’s the kind of math puzzle you get here, one per episode. (Remember the Car Talk Puzzler? Yeah, kinda like that.)” Wes from Do the Math here: I’m still feeling great about hosting Ask A Scientist SF‘s annual Pi Day Puzzle Party, where
A report by Ben Bernstein. Ben Bernstein PhD is a psychologist specializing in stress reduction and stress management. He has been a member of BATS since 2014. The annual national Higher Education Consultants Association conference was held in Cincinnati, Ohio, and ran from June 15-19. The title of the conference, “Respecting
What’s wrong with big tutoring companies?  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it for the longest time.  Then, this morning, it finally hit me, and I ran to the Bodsat Blog to get it down. The thing is, some of these folks are colleagues, nice people, truly, and some very good
posted by Bill Driscoll,  Educational Therapist Specializing in Math I recently attended the annual Learning and the Brain Conference in San Francisco. This year’s conference was titled: “Making Lasting Memories: Using Brain Science to Boost Memory, Thinking and Learning.” Many of the presentations offered practical advice for improving memory and
One of the few frustrating things about co-running an SAT/ACT prep firm is that even when you do great work, it’s hard to get the word out.  So all I ask is that if you’re looking for prep for a serious learner, take a moment to read Bodsat Prep’s filtered
As I mentioned on the Bodsat blog recently, David Coleman of the College Board talks a good game, and he might even have his heart in the right place.  And Sal Khan, who went through MIT a few years after I did, has certainly done no shortage of good in the world.
Bodsat Prep gets yet another great Yelp review, this time from Ximena A. We couldn’t be more delighted: Our daughter had decent SAT scores before working with Justin Sigars from Bodsat Prep, but we all knew she needed to improve them if she wanted to go to the colleges she liked.