Yelp review: Scott Cowan

I initially made contact with fellow BATS member Scott Cowan because of his rave reviews on Yelp. As a fellow educator, I just had to meet the guy with all that glowing feedback! I’m so glad I did. Here’s just one example of the amazing things Scott’s clients have to say.

Judy J, San Francisco, 1/20/2014:

Last August, we were in a quandary.  My 8th grader has been at a school that did not focus on standardized exams and therefore she had really no idea what to expect.  I had bought her a highly recommended book on SSAT test taking in May and had encouraged her over the summer to start to work with it but it was daunting…  As she hoped to get into a competitive high school, I decided to look into getting a tutor.  After reading these reviews, I was really struck with the uniform positive reviews and the comments on how he helped people grow in so many ways.  I signed her up, and soon she began working 10 vocabulary words/day and doing extra math and Scott would send detailed emails outlining weekly study guides.  This organization not only helped her with SSAT but with her regular school work as well.  She worked hard for Scott, and he somehow had the magic touch to keep her motivated.  And the results just came in — she was able to move her average percentile up by 13 points!  But more than that, she learned how to stay organized, how to prioritize, how to learn a lot of new information….in other words, she learned how to learn.   As important as the academic skills and study habits were, they are complemented by the quality of the relationship our daughter has had with Scott. His focus has also been on helping her  confront the pressure of the exam and application process, to work hard, to feel confident, to see mistakes and areas of need as challenges and to not lose herself in the process.   Excellence is not about perfection but an attitude of continuous learning.  Scott is a gem of a teacher. We feel so lucky to have found such a teacher and will definitely continue to have our kids work with Scott over the years to come.

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